Tuesday, A.M.

November 28, 2006

Just not having the best day here…woke up ten minutes late after snoozing the alarm a truly alarming number of times. Unpleasant exchange with a cranky over-tired daughter. Fighting with one son who doesn’t want to go to dance class (but inexplicably still wants to be in the recital — I’m trying to explain that there’s a connection between what one learns in class and what one dances on stage) and the other son who doesn’t want to go to dance class alone without his brother. Oh yeah, and my hair looks like crap too.

And I am about to shoot the television Elvis-style so that my children can no longer play the accursed Legos Starwars game that seems to cause more bickering and tears and hysteria than should be present in this or any galaxy.

Why, when you love your children more than anyone, do they so dance on the edge of your very very last nerve? Why do I contribute, with snarkiness and frustration, to a train-wreck morning? Why am I unable to muster up thankfulness when they act like…well, you know, children? For that matter, why doesn’t God Almighty smite us when we act like this? I know why I don’t have the power to smite (see “other drivers who don’t yield”) because the world would be long gone.

Must do better…(film at 11 as to how exactly the rest of the day transpired)

Edited to add that the neighbors across the street are throwing out a chair that looks better than half my furniture. Do you suppose this is a metaphor?


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