A Tale of Two Girls

November 27, 2006

So seldom in my comfortably rutted little life do I feel myself a part of something bigger than the everyday and the mundane. It’s not that I don’t care about the world’s injustices, it’s just that I’m so completely insulated from them most of the time. So I forget — how can I even say that? — that so many have so much less. I forget that God’s call throughout history has always been to care for the poor. I forget that thousands and thousands and thousands of children die every day from starvation. I forget to care, forget my responsibility as one who has been given so very much.

God, forgive me.

In what could only be an arrangement from a perfect God, our family was matched up with the child we will sponsor from Asia’s Hope. The gorgeous little girl named Meerlia? Two weeks younger than my own daughter. And she has a six year old brother, just like my daughter has her own brothers…Abby has been the one who has had the most to lose with our move to a new church. She loved our old church, loved the kids’ program. And now she’s in a very boy-heavy environment (though yesterday she connected with a little girl at church! Yay God!) where she meets many new people and has to sojourn far outside her comfort zone. And, really, she’s been such an uncomplaining little trouper about it. When she questioned why we were attending Central Vineyard, she was actually satisfied with my answer that “I think this is what God wants us to do.” Abby has a love for and a trust in the Lord’s provision that I admire. So God sees this, you know? And then He gives us — especially Abby — the gift of being Meerlia’s sponsor. Abby gets that this is a little girl from far away that has no parents and needs our prayers. She gets that Meerlia can love the same Jesus we do. She will egg on our family to keep Meerlia in our constant prayers, because if you know Abby, you know she’s nothing if not determined to see things done the way she sees fit — which in this case is God using that quality for good.

Thank you, God. Thank you for seeing these two girls. Thank you for seeing Meerlia, for placing her in the orphanage where she will be loved and cared for and taught. And thank you for seeing Abby who so needed to know that you see her. Thank you that you will teach her about faithfulness and selflessness and Your goodness. Won’t it be wonderful when their paths cross — either on this side of heaven (which I hope for!) or later….


2 Responses to “A Tale of Two Girls”

  1. She really is a sweet girl. Smiles a lot, and loves to laugh and play.

    Pray for her; she’s a little behind in school. As an orphan, her schooling prior to coming to our home was a little spotty.

    Thank God for Meerlia. Thank God for you and your family.

  2. Beth Koruna said

    Thanks for the info John. It’s cool to get a little glimpse behind the smiling picture. We will defintely be praying for her schooling.

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