As God as my witness…

November 24, 2006

I thought turkeys could fly.

For those who don’t get this reference, sorry, you’re too young (but you can go to Youtube and watch part of the WKRP episode).

After watching those five minutes of classic TV I realized what I wanted to post about Thanksgiving. I could say all sorts of (very true) statements about how thankful I am for my family: my wonderful exuberant kids, my devoted husband, my parents who hosted one of the Thanksgiving feasts we had these last two days, my in-laws who accept me and my various foibles. I could say how thankful I am that my mom has been generally healthy this past year, despite her cancer. And it would all be perfectly valid.

But, honestly, what makes me the most thankful this minute is the humor and whimsy inherent in life. Like…

  • My silly friend, Tracy, who got it in her mind that we would drive to Fort Wayne to Christmas shop for a day. Yes, most people don’t drive 3 hours to go shopping. But do you know how much fun we had?
  • New friends who get, really get, my somewhat sarcastic, possibly too-edgy side.
  • My book club members who tease me about everything from the size of my feet to my reactions to different reads.
  • My son, who says to my mother in a conversational lull at dinner, “So…how’s the cancer?” And the stunned awkward silence while I die a little inside. And my mom’s completely awesome response, “Fine thanks, Rob. Thanks for asking.”
  • My dear friend, Deneen and her 3 children who slid back into my children’s imaginative worlds yesterday as if they hadn’t had a 3 month school-induced break from each other. The joy at watching their joy as her son, Brian literally jumped into Rob’s arms after walking through the door.
  • Watching the Michigan game with family and half-believing that superstitious, asinine things we do — like having OSU bathroom towels or holding a buckeye teddy bear — actually contributed to the win.
  • My friend, Kathryn, whose life always runs oddly parallel to my own and her black sense of humor — and corresponding perfect understanding — of dealing with a parent’s illness.
  • Laughing and joking with Tim — all the time about everything. It’s the basis of so much of who we are as a couple.

And of course I could go on…but I can say today with certainty that being made in God’s image means that we should smile together, that laughter compresses the distance from the inside to outside of pain. And for that, I’m so very very thankful.


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